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CPN Loan Funded Ready - Made (800 Credit Score) - $50,000

CPN Loan Funded Ready - Made (800 Credit Score) - $50,000

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Cpn is trimerged, added to public records, with tradelines. Can be used to apply for loans, credit cards and a vehicle. Comes with a Random name, CPN number, and Credit Karma Account. ALREADY LOAN APPLIED WITH A BANK ACCOUNT

Bank Balance: $50,000

Bank login access sent via email after payment confirmation.

Gender and Age can be selected.

Credit score: 800


  • 10 Revolving Tradelines
  • 1 Auto tradelines ($50,000)
  • 1 Paid off Loan ($50,000)

Digital Documents are included:

  • Paystubs
  • 3 month Bankstatements
  • ID and SSN card (Scannable)

Email us after payment is completed.


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